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1). How did these investigators define the “new woman”? The “new women” discussed in these primary resources describes the changes in women socially, economically. These “new women” had the power of the vote in some states, had the ability to work, and many other freedoms that had never been experienced by women in America. However, not all women appreciated these changes. Some preferred the way of life pre-Progressive era, where women were mainly homemakers and their primary role was to care for their families. 2). What dilemmas did the new woman face? What "new" freedoms did she enjoy? One of the main issues for women was the same issue that had been plaguing the country for decades, race. Most African American women were still severely discriminated against, particularly when it came to voting. Another dilemma that new women faced was the fact that many now had to balance home and work life. Without wives and mothers being in the house all day, there were many things that had to be sacrificed. However, along with the dilemmas came
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