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HW 5 - set up labs for those who really need it the most...

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Brian Lubnow 10/06/10 Homework 5 Dr. Burnette’s presentation was about the business he started called Alliance Biosciences. His company sets up safe laboratories all over the world for scientists, doctors, and many other important people in need of a safe, controlled lab environment. He was worked all over the world, and designed labs for many important purposes like curing diseases and treating patients. The most interesting part about his presentation was that he gets to travel all over the world and
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Unformatted text preview: set up labs for those who really need it the most. His stories about trips to Kenya and designing labs to find cures for malaria and many other diseases that are decimating certain parts of the world . I found it to be very interesting that he was able to have such a worldwide impact with his labs, and that the best lab in all of Kenya is the one that he built at an orphanage....
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