HW 7 - enzymes are added, and stained. Then looked at...

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Brian Lubnow Homework #7 1. What is a plasmepsin? Series of enzymes that destroy hemoglobin molecules. 2. Define the word intraerythrocytic. Occurring in the red blood cells. 3. What is a protease? An enzyme that breaks down proteins 4. What is the causative agent of malaria? Is this a prokaryote or eukaryote? The parasite , Plasmodium falciparum is a prokaryote 5. What type of molecule is hemoglobin? protein 6. What is the relationship between hemoglobin and small peptides? Hemoglobin is broken down into small peptides by a cysteine protease 7. What is the food vacuole? The food vacuole is where all of these reactions are taking place 8. Why do the authors want to know whether the plasmepsins are located in the food vacuole? Because plasmepsins destroy hemoglobin, so knowing the location will help fight them. 9. How does one do an immunoelectron microscopy experiment? Infected red blood cells put into a gel, frozen with liquid nitrogen. Then
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Unformatted text preview: enzymes are added, and stained. Then looked at through microscropes 10. In Figure 1B what do the presence of dark, round circular spots tell us? That the hemoglobin has been damaged. 11. In Figure 4B, why does the dark hemoglobin band disappear at 12 hours in the PM II sample? Because the hemoglobin is totally destroyed. 12. Does the combination of PM II plus HAP function better to degrade hemoglobin as compared to PM II alone? yes 13. Which piece of data supports your answer? 4c, where the band is much lighter in the trial with both PM II and HAP 14. Explain how this data supports your argument. There is a visible difference in the pictures of PM II and HAP than the other pictures 15. Write one question you have about this paper. I am still confused about what HAP is exactly. How is it produced? Is it cheap? How easily can it be applied to humans?...
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HW 7 - enzymes are added, and stained. Then looked at...

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