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Unformatted text preview: Managers Challenge Take A Moment Managers Challenge When the 12-story Europa Hotel first opened on Belfasts Grand Victoria Street in 1971, it was a symbol of hope and glamour for a town sorely in need of both. The Europa was the first hotel in Northern Ireland to offer bathrooms en suite and a popular top-floor nightclub. But within a month, the Europa had been bombed by the Irish Republican Army, who saw their act as a powerful strike against British capitalism. Twenty more explosions followed over the next four years, leading hotel management to erect security barriers and institute policies requiring that all guests be frisked and their luggage searched. The tourist trade disappeared, leaving only business cus- tomers and journalists who came to cover the Northern Ireland con- flict from the perfect vantage point. Business gradually increased over the years, but the Europa remained a high-profile terrorist tar- get. The hotel has been bombed at least 30 times, making it second only to the Holiday Inn in Sarajevo for the enviable title of worlds most bombed hotel. And yet, the Europa has survived and remains an important Belfast landmark. In fact, John Toner, current general manager of the four-star hotel, believes the Europa has become a stronger, more robust business because of the adversity its managers have faced. During each crisis, hotel managers followed carefully thought-out plans for ensuring the safety of guests and employees, securing the building, and getting back to business as quickly as pos- sible. By now, says Toner, security is in the bones of the people who work here. 1 How do you think the Europa Hotel survived, and even thrived, in spite of 30 years of bombings that have disrupted business and wrecked managers plans? What would you do as a manager to pre- pare your organization to cope with unexpected problems and crises? Take A Moment Daft Ch07.qxp 10/21/2004 3:43 PM Page 237 238 PART 3 Planning One of the primary responsibilities of managers is to decide where the organization should go in the future and how to get it there. But how do managers plan for the future in a constantly changing environment? As we discussed in Chapter 1 of this textbook, most organizations are facing turbulence and growing uncertainty. The economic, political, and social turmoil of recent years has left many managers won- dering how to cope and has sparked a renewed interest in organizational planning, particularly planning for unexpected problems and events. In some organizations, typically small ones, planning is informal. In others, managers follow a well-defined planning framework. The company establishes a basic mission and develops formal goals and strategic plans for carrying it out....
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3022976724 - Managers Challenge Take A Moment Managers...

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