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CHAPTER 2. SALES SUBCHAPTER A. SHORT TITLE, GENERAL CONSTRUCTION AND SUBJECT MATTER Sec. 2.101. SHORT TITLE. This chapter may be cited as Uniform Commercial Code--Sales. Acts 1967, 60th Leg., p. 2343, ch. 785, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1967. Sec. 2.102. SCOPE; CERTAIN SECURITY AND OTHER TRANSACTIONS EXCLUDED FROM THIS CHAPTER. Unless the context otherwise requires, this chapter applies to transactions in goods; it does not apply to any transaction which although in the form of an unconditional contract to sell or present sale is intended to operate only as a security transaction nor does this chapter impair or repeal any statute regulating sales to consumers, farmers or other specified classes of buyers. Acts 1967, 60th Leg., p. 2343, ch. 785, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1967. Sec. 2.103. DEFINITIONS AND INDEX OF DEFINITIONS. (a) In this chapter unless the context otherwise requires (1) "Buyer" means a person who buys or contracts to buy goods. (2) Reserved. (3) "Receipt" of goods means taking physical possession of them. (4) "Seller" means a person who sells or contracts to sell goods. (b) Other definitions applying to this chapter or to specified subchapters thereof, and the sections in which they appear are: "Acceptance". Section 2.606. "Banker's credit". Section 2.325. "Between merchants". Section 2.104. "Cancellation". Section 2.106(d). "Commercial unit". Section 2.105. "Confirmed credit". Section 2.325. "Conforming to contract". Section 2.106. "Contract for sale". Section 2.106. "Cover". Section 2.712. "Entrusting". Section 2.403. "Financing agency". Section 2.104. "Future goods". Section 2.105. "Goods". Section 2.105. "Identification". Section 2.501. "Installment contract". Section 2.612. "Letter of credit". Section 2.325. "Lot". Section 2.105. "Merchant". Section 2.104. "Overseas". Section 2.323. "Person in position of seller". Section2.707. "Present sale". Section 2.106. "Sale". Section 2.106. "Sale on approval". Section 2.326. "Sale or return". Section 2.326. "Termination". Section 2.106. (c) The following definitions in other chapters apply to this chapter: "Check". Section 3.104. "Consignee". Section 7.102. "Consignor". Section 7.102. "Consumer goods". Section 9.102. "Dishonor". Section 3.502. "Draft". Section 3.104.
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(d) In addition Chapter 1 contains general definitions and principles of construction and interpretation applicable throughout this chapter. Acts 1967, 60th Leg., p. 2343, ch. 785, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1967. Amended by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 414, Sec. 2.14, eff. July 1, 2001; Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 542, Sec. 2, eff. Sept. 1, 2003. Sec. 2.104. DEFINITIONS: "MERCHANT"; "BETWEEN MERCHANTS"; "FINANCING AGENCY". (a) "Merchant" means a person who deals in goods of the kind or otherwise by his occupation holds himself out as having knowledge or skill peculiar to the practices or goods involved in the transaction or to whom such knowledge or skill may be attributed by his employment of an agent or broker or other intermediary who by his occupation
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bc.001.00.000002.00 - BUSINESS & COMMERCE CODE CHAPTER...

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