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If, in answer to Question _____ [ 4.01 ], you have found that the negligence of more than one of the persons named below proximately caused the occurrence , then answer the following question. Otherwise, do not answer the following question. QUESTION ______ What percentage of the negligence that caused the [ occurrence ] [ injury ] [ occurrence or injury ] do you find to be attributable to each of those found by you, in your answer to
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Unformatted text preview: Question _____ [ 4.01 ], to have been negligent? The percentages you find must total 100 percent. The negligence attributable to a person named below is not necessarily measured by the number of acts or omissions found. The percentage attributable to a person need not be the same percentage attributed to that person in answering another question. a. Don Davis __________% b. Paul Payne __________% Total 100 %...
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