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Vehicle Accident Checklist Keep a copy of this checklist in your glove compartment. Do not leave the scene. If you are worried about your personal safety or if your car is creating a traffic hazard, move to a safer place. But do not leave the immediate area. Call for medical help at once, if needed. Call the police and follow their instructions. In minor accidents, the police may instruct you to exchange information with the other drivers and then contact your insurance company. Call USAA as soon as possible to report the accident. Never disclose the limits of your insurance policy. Do not admit responsibility for the accident. Write down as much vital information about the accident as possible, including: * Year, make, model and color of all vehicles involved
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Unformatted text preview: * License plate numbers of all vehicles involved * Names, addresses and phone numbers of other drivers * Names, addresses and phone numbers of other passengers * Names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses * Time and precise location of the accident Give the other drivers and any other injured persons a contact card, complete with your name and policy number, from your USAA Automobile Portfolio. If the police ask you not to interface directly with the other driver(s), ask the officer to deliver your insurance information to them. Don't provide insurance information to anyone other than the other drivers or the police. Vehicle Accident Checklist Copyright 1997-2003, USAA. All Rights Reserved....
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