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Factual comments related to the research done by the

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Unformatted text preview: aboratory, demonstrate in their comments (on the cover sheet) that the work is genuinely the candidate’s own. Factual comments related to the research done by the candida te, circumstances and practical problems, will help the examiner judge the level of understanding and personal input of such candidates in the case of a particularly exceptional essay, superbly written, inform as well the examiner of the special abilities of the candidate underline to the candidates the importance of personal thinking recognize that the production of an extended essay is part of the learning process. Candidates, with little experience writing essays, should not be abandoned to their own dev ices. Research question The research question should : · not be beyond the candidate’s ability in terms of the depth of understanding of the physics required or too broad in scope · give the candidate the ability to demonstrate flair and competence from within their studies · truly be a precise question, not just the repetition of standard investigations e.g. verifying Snell Descartes’ law of refraction. Topics Some topics should be avoided e.g. topics: · involving philosophical discussion (Feynman against Schroed inger) · related to “frontier” physics (superstring theory, dark matter, dark energy…) or more closely related to science fiction than p ure science (time travel, superluminal motion…) EXTENDED ESSSAY REPORTS – MAY 2003 · · involving other branches of science (biology, medicine, geology, economics , engineering…) requiring complex instrumentation. Candidates should be cautioned abou t choosing secondary research -based essays (survey essays ). If they do, they should be very clear in what they want to show, have a precise idea of the sources they woul d use and be able to assess the quality of those sources. The best essays were those with a tightly defined aim and plenty of physics. Specific recommendations · read the criteria carefully · attention should be given to the computat ion and analysis of errors and the limitations of...
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