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However some laboratory based essays did not address

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Unformatted text preview: lesser extent, databased topics. However some laboratory based essays did not address a research question; i nstead, candidates reproduced a standard piece of work in order to validate a well -known relationship. Some essays were far too simplistic an investigation. Other candidates confused fundamental concepts thus seriously weakening the value of their investig ation. A number of essays were original, imaginative and highly focused. However a number of topics were too broad and generated only a very superficial survey. Candidates were unable to define a clearly focused hypothesis and tended to discuss concepts a nd develop arguments that were not relevant. Essays that dealt mostly with print resources were average or worse, mostly poor. A good number of candidates could not carefully choose or critically analyse resources and synthesize their own content. Hence t hey were unable to put their personal “stamp” on their essay. Some candidates manipulated data from the Internet Library like pieces of a puzzle and they produced “scientific papers” without showing their own relationship to the content. They were cases we re the contrast between the language of the parts taken from the sources and that of the candidates was a strong indication that some candidates did not produce an original essay. Secondary research or survey essays were often only thin summaries of readin gs. Essays associated to topics far too broad or too t echnically advanced were doomed to failure. Some topics were not directly relevant to physics (forecast of earthquakes, effect of electromagnetic waves on health) but rather of interest to the candidat e. Even if the candidate was personally involved in the topic, he/she could not score well in the physics assessment criteria. Some topics detrimentally relied only on a very few sources. EXTENDED ESSSAY REPORTS – MAY 2003 Several essays produced a good theoretical overview of the small are a on which they were written and they were often accompanied by some additional experimental work, but there was often very little integration between the t...
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