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In some cases footnotes were also included but no

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Unformatted text preview: was rare to find the sources referred to in the core of the essay. In some cases, footnotes were also included but no quotation marks were inserted in the text where whole sentences and even paragraphs were directly taken from textbooks, magazines or web pages. Criterion H Holistic judgment Man y supervisors did not offer any comments on the cover sheet, making it more difficult for the examiners to assess the originality of the essays or the personal input of the candidates. Routine investigations or general surveys could not score well. General ly, inventiveness and flair were rare. Experimental techniques in laboratory -based essays were not always challenged. Top marks were few. Criterion J Principles of physics Overall, the knowledge of the candidates was acceptable. Very few students managed to demonstrate excellent knowledge. Some failed to communicate their knowledge or chose trivial topics. Candidates who chose a “straightforward” topic (outside the syllabus) and performed their own experimental investigation were able to score high marks. Some survey essays contained little or no physics. In the weaker essays, there was a tendency to give what are essentially qualitative descriptions of physical events. The study of a topic beyond the level of understanding expected in the theory examinati ons should generally be discouraged, as it is here that weaknesses become apparent! Examiners are not necessarily impressed by complicated equations extracted from advanced textb ooks or web pages when it is evident that the candidat e is actually overwhelme d by the top ic! Some models associated with difficult topics were actually flawed. Some candidates explored concepts beyond the IB physics syllabus and successfully took advantage of external resources to the school. Criterion K Use of methods or sources appropriate to physics In a good number of laboratory essays, the methods chosen were appropriate but, unfortunately, they were executed routinely with little flair or personal input. Very few candidates we...
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