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In survey type essays candidates tended to just

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Unformatted text preview: sufficiently objective or did not provide adequate support. In survey type essays, candidates tended to just summarize information from different sources. In experimental essays, some candidates relied on computer -plotted graphs without really knowing how to properly interpret them. Systematic errors were not identified. Regressio n and correlation factors were quoted without understanding their meaning. Some X -Y plots were used with lines simply drawn from data point to data point. Criterion D Argument/evaluation Arguments were rarely fully substantiated. In many cases, the evalu ation of the techniques used was limited or superficial. Inappropriate or too broad essays scored poorly. Where the research question required an argument, candidates frequently performed well. Some candidates failed to give attention to counter -arguments, leaving their evaluation rather subjective and insubstantial. This criterion tended to separate candidates according to their level of understanding and knowledge. EXTENDED ESSSAY REPORTS – MAY 2003 Criterion E Conclusion A number of candidates did not indicate unresolved sensible questi ons when it was relevant to do so. Survey essays were generally weak, as there was no intention to give a conclusion since the study was based on reporting facts. In experimental essays, the major weakness was not to consider the reliability of the results . Candidates recognized the uncertainties attached to the measurements but failed to recognize their impact on the final results. Criterion F Abstract Unfortunately, many candidates missed out the conclusion or scope, thus loosing two marks. The majority of the candidates provided a clear and complete abstract. Criterion G Formal presentation Generally good results were obtained. Some candidates received little guidance if any. There was still a tendency to put all exp erimental data tables and graphs in t he appendix, making the reading of the essay difficult. Some had no labels on graphs or diagrams, or these were “cut -and -paste” without a reference. Although most candidates listed sources in their bibliography, it...
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