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All symbols should be clearly defined drawings graphs

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Unformatted text preview: research · aim for clear communication and avoid repetitions. Refer to annotated diagrams, tables and graphs well integrated in the core of the essay. · all symbols should be clearly defined · drawings, graphs and tables of data should ac company the text and not be put in the appendix. If some elements are repetitive, the appendix can be used but a specimen of each must appear in the core of the essay. The argument should flow naturally without the reader having to jump from one section to another · extract the relevant information/ob servation from tables or graphs instead of just writi ng “it is evident from the graph that…” · preferably include an experimental part which would follow a theoretical introduction. Topics where there was an experi mental input were often more manageab le. Be careful about choosing secondary research -based essays; choose them if y ou will, but do them well. This was seldom the case. · tables of data, relevant graphs and proper analysis of a single experiment or manipula tion should be closely connected. Repeat the procedure if a second experiment was performed. · design realistic techniques for measuring different variables. · avoid using computer graphing techniques unless fully aware of how to use this facility properly. Th e addition of large number of charts and graphs can just indicate prowess rather than add to the clarity of the essay. · often the candidates themselves did the best diagrams in order to illustrate the relevant p hysics. · the title should be precise, well focu sed and clearly indicative of the topic of the essay · the extended essay should not be a collage built up from a series of cut -and -paste. Plagiarism Some scripts were patently plagiarized. Candidates must always ensure that they acknowledge in de tail the words and/or ideas of another person. fully and Some candidates listed in their bibliography all textbooks, articles and web pages they consulted but did not specifically offer references in the core of the essay with the help of footnotes. This was not co rrect. Some candidates introduced footnotes giving relevant references but did not use quotation marks where the text was taken directly from a book or article. This was also very wrong and very seriously misleading. Some candidates evidently scanned or pr inted diagrams from web sites or textbooks without acknowledging the source. This was also wrong. Candidates should not copy chunks of material off web sites or from textbooks. In the case of secondary research, supervisors could insist on seeing hard cop ies of any material from sources used by the candidate. Search engines and software, such as "Endnote" can help with referencing and organizing references. It is often easy to spot plagiarism and there are tools for doing this. In this regard, abrupt chang es in the style and the quality of the language of the essay can be q uite revealing. EXTENDED ESSSAY REPORTS – MAY 2003 It is the responsibility of schools to clearly inform the candidates of the strict policies to be followed to avoid plagiar ism. It would be unfortunate if the ignorance ( or negligence) of a candidate on these matters triggered an accusation of plagiarism....
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