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Eng 225 How are the Internet and other technologies currently affecting the ways in which movies are produced, distributed, and exhibited? Provide specific examples as you explain your point of view. Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings . Technology advances such as the internet and digital media has created a feast or famine type situation in the movie industry. Such advances have lead to films like Cloverfield where the best part of the movie was all the viral campaigning online that included secret emails, phony company websites, and cryptic clues. It has also leaded to drops in movie attendance because the information is so easily available via torrent or downloading. To combat the theft movies are being encoded with digital protection software that increases the prices of DVD’s and ticket sales at the box office. It’s not all doom and gloom other technological advances such as CGI have lead to wonderful movies and action sequences human actors alone couldn’t perform without. Movies such as Transformers would have to been done with claymation and how lame would that have been? Don’t get me wrong I love clash of the titans but let’s face it how fake does it look now compared to how it looked when you first saw it. Every time Hollywood advances it makes the greats seem not so great. As we become used to the nuances of our technological achievements it exposes what was missing in the previous versions. Explain the difference between a film's story and a film's plot. Use a specific film to illustrate your point of view. In the film you chose, are the events presented chronologically or are they presented non-linearly? What might a filmmaker's intentions be when he or she chooses to present events chronologically or in a non-linear order? Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings It’s my experience that you cannot have a solid story without a good plot. A story is comprised of the plot I.E. dramatic  events that move the story along. The story itself is comprised of these events and is the overall outcome shown for our  viewing pleasure. Plots for instance are just devices used to invoke emotions would Star Wars be a classic without Vaders  hatred for the Jedi’s or the fact that Luke’s family was killed or Even that Princess Leia’s need Obi-Wan’s help? Even though  from a movies stand point this films events are linear but to the series they aren’t. I believe Mr. Lucas intentions was to  create the interest in his series by leading with his most exciting storyline first then after he had built interest he would then  be able to tell the full story. This movie is filled with all kinds of plots love, disaster, and internal conflict to name a few.  Choose one  of the following video clips for the discussion: Psycho (1960) A beautiful mind (2001)
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Describe the style of editing that is used in the film clip you chose. What types of shots are
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Eng 225 - Eng 225 How are the Internet and other...

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