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Rosser: Implications- Chris Chacko Feminism and evolutionary biology have expanded at a rapid pace in the last twenty five years. 621 women studies programs have begun since the first one was founded in 1970 at San Diego University. People who are unfamiliar with feminism often assume that feminist theory provides a singular frame work. This is not the case as a variety of different feminist theories allow society to be an intersection of these theories. Liberal feminism shares two fundamental assumptions: 1) both assume that human beings are highly individualist and can be obtaining knowledge without their environment influencing them 2) both accepts positivism as the theory of knowledge. These assumptions led to the belief that gaining knowledge is both objective and value free. Most scientists, feminists and philosophers of science realize that no individual can be neutral or value free. Liberal feminism implies that there will
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Unformatted text preview: be changes within science itself. Sot feminism is the polar opposite of liberal feminism as it rejects individualism and positivism as approaches to knowledge. African American feminism is based on the African American critique of a Eurocentric approach to knowledge and rejects individualism and positivism for a socially constructed knowledge. Essentialist feminist states that women are intrinsically different from men as a result of their biology. Existentialist feminism suggests that it is not the biological difference between the genders but the societal interpretation of these differences. Psychoanalytic feminism shows boys and girls dealing with their sexuality differently. Postmodern feminism views the self as an ideology....
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