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The Quiet American Proj - Lloyd Xie Mrs Battenfeld Period 4...

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Lloyd Xie Mrs. Battenfeld Period 4 IBHOAS 23 May 2011 Final Project: The Quiet American -Lyrics and Literature The conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those who have a different complexion or slightly flatter noses than ourselves, is not a pretty thing when you look into it too much. -Heart of Darkness Although the quote applies to Belgian colonialism of the Congo, it clearly applies to French colonialism in Vietnam as well. It is clearly an anti-colonial statement and is one that Greene would agree with. Pussyfoot by Sikth Sheep-ridden country They pretend that's it's so free Falling, they're bleeding, never really question Why they die. Swim in the lake of death Eaten by crocodiles So No-one saw, no-one cares. Can you see beyond this? Or does everything swamp your mind? I don't like the way Tradition makes people believe Like a robot saying: "All be happy" My point exactly. This is your life, do not ignore Look deep within, is there something more? Think what to do before you act Bleed on the floor 'til you. .. Just try To think your Own thoughts.
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This song expresses a similar message found in The Quiet American . Both seek to express an ignorance present in American society. Specifically when applied to Pyle, Fowler could see him as a “robot” of what he reads and follows. Pyle’s death is appropriate when compared to the line “never really question why they die”, since Pyle believed completely in Harding’s opinions. Part of the Friction by Sikth Yes, no, yes, no, maybe, no All you're going to here in this world that rocks and rolls Something mistaken A dream taken from magazine fiction I fear and so I turn Wake up and listen, nothings like it should be
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The Quiet American Proj - Lloyd Xie Mrs Battenfeld Period 4...

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