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;;; Discrete Math PS-Card ;;; -------------------------------------------- ;;; factorial, combination, permutation procs (define (fact n) (define (helper product count) (if (> count n) product (helper (* count product) (+ count 1)))) (helper 1 1)) (define (comb n r) (define (helper n-product n d-product count) (cond ((> count r) (/ n-product d-product)) (else (helper (* n-product n) (- n 1) (* d-product count) (+ count 1))))) (helper 1 n 1 1)) (define (perm n r) (define (helper product n count) (cond ((> count r) product) (else (helper (* product n) (- n 1) (+ count 1))))) (helper 1 n 1)) ;;; -------------------------------------------- ;;; getting permutations given a s-element list ;;; procs needed are filter, accumulate, remove ;;; flatmap and permutations (define (filter predicate sequence) (cond ((null? sequence) nil) ((predicate (car sequence)) (cons (car sequence) (filter predicate (cdr sequence)))) (else (filter predicate (cdr sequence))))) (define (accumulate op initial sequence) (if (null? sequence) initial (op (car sequence) (accumulate op initial (cdr sequence))))) (define (flatmap proc seq) (accumulate append nil (map proc seq))) (define (remove item sequence) (filter (lambda (x) (not (= x item))) sequence))
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(define (permutations s) (if (null? s) (list nil)
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Card_Trick_Problem_Set_Solutions - ; Discrete Math PS-Card...

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