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;;; Discrete Math PS-7 ;;; Shyam Visweswaran ;; Exercise 2 (define (extended-gcd a b) (cond ((= b 0) (list a 1 0)) (else (let ((lst (extended-gcd b (remainder a b)))) (list (car lst) (caddr lst) (- (cadr lst) (* (quotient a b) (caddr lst)))))))) (extended-gcd 233987973 41111687) ;Value: (1 -11827825 67318298) ;; the return value is of the form (gcd x y) ;; Exercise 9 - RSA encryption ;; the public key is (e, n) and the private key is (d, n) (define (encode e n lst) (cond ((null? lst) nil) (else (cons (modulo (expt (car lst) e) n) (encode e n (cdr lst)))))) (define (decode d n lst) (cond ((null? lst) nil) (else (cons (modulo (expt (car lst) d) n)
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