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CSci 123.10: Discrete Structures I Department of Computer Science, The George Washington University Spring 2010 CRN 41736 Syllabus Course Objectives : The purpose of this course is to equip the students with mathematical tools and analytical techniques for theorem proving and problem solving, and to acquaint them with several discrete mathematical structures and theories that are directly relevant to Computer Science. Specifically, the course objectives, based on the 2007 SIGCSE Committee Report on the Implementation of a Discrete Mathematics Course, are: 1. Introduce a formal system (propositional and predicate logic) on which mathematical reasoning is based. 2. Develop an understanding of how to read and construct valid mathematical arguments (proofs) and understand mathematical statements (theorems). 3. Develop the ability to see a problem from a mathematical perspective. 4. Introduce various problem-solving strategies, especially thinking algorithmically (both iterative and recursive). 5. Introduce important discrete structures such as sets, relations, discrete functions, graphs and trees.
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www.seas.gwu.edu_~ayoussef_cs123_spring10_syllabus-CS123 -...

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