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Career Choice Assignment - CAREER CHOICE ASSIGNMENT You...

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CAREER CHOICE ASSIGNMENT You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose! - Dr. Seuss PART I (worth 5 points) The assignment you turn in should be presented in the order given below. You may use the same numbers and bullet-points as I have listed below to present your information. You may take material directly from a source, for example, copying a job description, or the mission statement from an organization. Just remember to indicate where you received your information (the source) at the end of each section. 1. Select a career you are interested in pursuing or exploring. Briefly explain why you selected this career or field. [One paragraph] 2. Find one professional organization that deals specifically with that career or field. You cannot select AAHPERD – it is too broad for the purposes of this assignment; however, you may choose one of the six affiliated organizations housed within AAHPERD, such as the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). Please provide the full name of the organization, not just the initials/acronym (e.g., NATA or ACE). Provide the following information: A. Mission or objective of the organization Search the website for a mission or purpose statement. Many organizations have a mission posted. If you can’t find a “mission,” is there a general statement about the organization on the homepage (e.g., “About us”)? If so, provide that information. B. Describe the membership: 1. Who belongs to this organization? (what types of people (health educators, coaches), not specific names) 2. Are there membership requirements? 3. How many members are in the organization? 4. What is the cost to join: for professionals? for students? C. Benefits: 1. What does your membership provide? (newsletters, career center, etc.) 2. Will you receive a periodical (journal/paper/magazine) with your membership? If so, what is the title? D. Certification: Does the organization offer certification programs? If so, briefly describe. E.
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Career Choice Assignment - CAREER CHOICE ASSIGNMENT You...

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