Spring 2011 syllabus (1)

Spring 2011 syllabus (1) - Communication 101 Fundamentals...

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Communication 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communication Spring 2011: T/TH, Section 16, 7:40- 8:55am (C230) T/TH, Section 32, 4:40-5:55 pm (C230) __________________________________________________________________________________ Instructor: Ashley N. Duchow-Moore Office/Hours: C221. Office Hours: or (M/W/F) by appointment. (Additional Office Hours Also Available Via E-Mail) Messages: 426-3365 ashleyduchow-moore@u.boisestate.edu (e-mails checked at 9am and 6pm weekdays) Text: Worley, D., Worley, D., & Soldner, L. (2008). Communication counts: Getting it right in college and life . Boston: Pearson. Description: COMM 101 acquaints students with theories, concepts, and practices of communication and includes the fundamental principles of effectively preparing, presenting and critically consuming messages in one-to-one, small group and public speaking contexts. The course is part of Boise State University’s core curriculum (Area II Social Sciences). Objectives: Through 1) the use of the textbook; 2) interaction with classmates; 3) study; 4) experiential learning; and 5) participation, you will enhance your understanding of the following: verbal and nonverbal communication perception of self and others listening to/analyzing information interpersonal communication public speaking organizational communication group dynamics mass communication Communication: Facilitate your learning experiences by utilizing appointment times outside of class to ask questions, discuss classroom goals, or seek help in improving your academic performance. I do use blackboard and your broncomail e-mail address as a major means of communication in this class. If you do not check your Broncomail account please have it forwarded to an e-mail account you check on a regular basis. Grading: Participation (10 points per class. Includes attendance, participation, quizzes) 300 Exercises 110 Exam #1 60 Exam #2 60 Exam #3 60 Impromptu speech 10 Informative speech 100 Persuasive speech 100 Final 200
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Total 1,000 Meaning Points attained in class Quality Points A to A+ Distinguished work 935 – 1000 pts. 4.0 A- Distinguished work 900 – 934 pts. 3.7 B+ Superior work 865 – 899 pts. 3.3 B Superior work 835 – 864 pts. 3.0 B- Superior work 800 – 834 pts. 2.7 C+ Average work 765 – 799 pts. 2.3 C Average work 735 – 764 pts. 2.0 C- Average work 700 – 734 pts. 1.7 D+ Below-average work 665 – 669 pts. 1.3 D Below-average work 635 – 664 pts. 1.0 D- Below-average work 600 – 634 pts. .7 F Failure below 600 pts. 0 Standards: According to the Boise State University 2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog , “Boise State University challenges its students to reach their highest levels of performance . . . (and) conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the university’s function as an institution of higher learning” (p. 21). To uphold this principle in the COMM classroom, do not hold “side conversations”
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Spring 2011 syllabus (1) - Communication 101 Fundamentals...

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