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Group Assignment 1 (1)

Group Assignment 1 (1) - Group Assignment 1(15 of grade DUE...

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Group Assignment 1 (15% of grade) DUE: 11 October 2011 Each group will be assigned a specific region of the United States to research. The group will study the physical and cultural geography of the region to determine what a typical meal (including drink) from that place might look like, using only ingredients that can be grown or cultivated in a 500-mile radius from the region’s center. Furthermore, the group will need to examine how the region’s cuisine may have changed over time due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to immigration, ecological change, and technology. Questions to consider: 1. What is the region’s physical geography (soil, topography, climate, hydrography, etc)? 2. What is the region’s cultural geography (major ethnicities, religions, settlement patterns, transportation network, etc)? 3. What is the region’s environmental history? That is, how did the region change over time and how did that affect what foods were available to the populace?
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