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Movement Overview and the Anatomical Model: Introduction In-class assignment #1 Name _______________ Date _______________ Name one "approach" we will use to study anatomy in Kines 270: Applied Anatomy? _______________ An analysis of the dance "Caught" would include a description of the: ____________________________________________________________ . What are the four organ systems that function together to form the locomotor system and make up "our" anatomical model? _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ Complete this sentence: Clinical anatomy emphasizes _______________ of anatomical knowledge to the practice of
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Unformatted text preview: medicine. The primary administrative tool Dr. Kempf will use to communicate lecture topics, exam dates, in-class assignments, reference materials, and contact information is _______________ . Dr. Kempf is available to meet with students concerning this course immediately after class and _______________ . True or False (circle one): I, the student, am expected to check the course Blackboard site before each lecture to view announcements and course documents, and to PRINT-OFF in-class assignments to complete and TURN-IN at the next lecture....
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