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In-class assignment #2(1)

In-class assignment #2(1) - is a reference term that means...

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Movement Overview and the Anatomical Model: Terminology In-class assignment #2 Name _______________ Date _______________ The anatomical position is the starting point for descriptions of all movements and positions, the head, eyes, and toes are directed _______________, and the arms are adjacent to the sides with the palms facing _______________ . The anatomical plane that divides the body into front and back parts is the _______________ plane. _______________ is a directional term that means uppermost or above.
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Unformatted text preview: _______________ is a reference term that means closer to a point of origin. Palmar and dorsal are terms related to the _______________ and plantar and dorsal are terms related to the _______________. All true flexion and extension movements occur in a _______________ plane around a _______________ axis. Lateral flexion is a special form of abduction used for the neck and the _______________ ....
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