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In-class assignment #7 - then to the femurs during standing...

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Pelvis In-class assignment #7 Name _______________ Date _______________ The _______________ is the part of the trunk inferoposterior to the abdomen and is the area of transition between the trunk and the lower limbs. The _______________ is a basin-shaped ring of bones that connects the vertebral column to the two femurs. The _______________ is formed by the fusion of five, originally separate, sacral vertebrae. The _______________ joints are strong, weight-bearing compound joints, consisting of an anterior synovial joint (between the ear-shaped auricular surfaces of the sacrum and ilium, covered with articular cartilage) and a posterior syndesmosis (between the tuberosities of the same bones). Weight is transferred from the axial skeleton to the ilia via the ____________________, and
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Unformatted text preview: then to the femurs during standing, and to the ischial tuberosities during sitting. The sacroiliac ligaments suspend the sacrum from the ilia like the central portion of a ____________________ is suspended from the pylons at each end. The _______________ and the _______________ are muscles of the pelvic walls and function to rotate the hip laterally and assist in holding the head of the femur in the acetabulum. The _______________ nerve arises from spinal nerves L4-S3 and is distributed to articular branches to the hip joints and muscular branches to _______________ of the knees and all muscles in the legs and feet....
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