HNRS 392 Syllabus REV 19 Sept

HNRS 392 Syllabus REV 19 Sept - HNRS 392: History and...

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HNRS 392: History and Geography of Food and Drink Dr. Wilkins 426.2390 Office Hours: TBA Dr. Brady Office Hours: T, 3:15-5:00; W, 12:00-2:15 Joint Office Hour: T, 12:30-1:30 (Albertson Library Starbucks) Course Description: This course will look at the origins and dispersion of food and drink from their cultural hearths to the modern day fusion of ingredients and flavors. Topics include the geographic factors (climate, soils, culture) that contribute to development, adaptation, and adoption of foods, and historical and geographic factors that assist or impede their dispersion and adoption. Course will include preparation and sampling of foods by students. Course Learning Objectives: As a consequence of successfully completing this course, you should be able to: identify, discuss, and analyze the geographic factors, barriers, and processes key to the creation and spread of food and beverages, such as: physical/environmental factors: climate, soils, hydrology, geology cultural factors: language, ethnicity, religion, economics geographic processes: dispersion, diffusion, adoption, adaptation identify and discuss the historical developments and trends that have been instrumental in establishing or preventing the spread of food and beverage, such as: political and social systems: class, gender, religion military developments: warfare, imperialism, conquest technological innovations: transportation, information
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HNRS 392 Syllabus REV 19 Sept - HNRS 392: History and...

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