Role of Sport Presentations - Schedule(1)(1)(1)

Role of Sport Presentations - Schedule(1)(1)(1) - Negative...

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Role of Sport Presentations Positive Outcome  (Pros) Name Date Health – physical Health – mental Wed, Sept 21 Health - social Courtney Wed, Sept 28 Fun, joy, pleasure Entertainment Value Lifetime enjoyment Wed, Sept 21 Work ethic Joe and Amanda Wed, Sept 28 Teamwork Brenna and Madora Wed, Sept 21 Perseverance Wed, Sept 28 Confidence Tyler A. and Vince Wed, Sept 21 Character Case and Andrew Wed, Sept 21 Economic Value Dominic and Guy Wed, Sept 28 Respect Life Lessons Role modeling Jemma and Brad Wed, Sept 28 Skill building Wed, Sept 21 Unifying people Logan and Tyler Z Wed, Sept 28 Moral reasoning Wed, Sept 28 Negative Outcome  (Cons) Name Date Excessive pressure Madora and Brenna Wed, Sept 21 Sense of entitlement JEmma and Brad Wed, Sept 28 Moral reasoning
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Unformatted text preview: Negative financial impact Violence - players Case and Andrew Wed, Sept 21 Violence – fans Courtney Wed, Sept 28 Violence – ethnic/religious Andrew L. & Mitchel Wed, Sept 28 Burnout – loss of interest Logan and Tyler Z. Wed, Sept 28 Overuse injuries Mike and Tyler W. Wed, Sept 21 Decrease in Self-worth Conflict Loss of fun, joy, pleasure Joe and Amanda Wed, Sept 28 Lack of Coach Education Unequal Access Brynna & Leanna Wed, Sept 21 Specialization Brad & Eric Wed, Sept 21 Equity Issues – Gender Equity Issues – Race Substance Abuse Dominic and Guy Wed, Sept 28 Perform Enhancing Drugs Tyler and Vince Wed, Sept 21 Economic Disparities Treatment of Student-Athlete Jennifer & Janessa Wed, Sept 28...
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Role of Sport Presentations - Schedule(1)(1)(1) - Negative...

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