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Rubric for evaluating papers(1) (1)

Rubric for evaluating papers(1) (1) - synthesized to...

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Rubric for evaluating papers 1 unacceptable 2 needs work 3 acceptable 4 well done/superior job Organization Reader cannot understand because of a lack of clear sequence of information Readers have difficulty following because information provided in a mixed sequence Paper presents information in a logical sequence Paper helps readers understand the sequence by using organizational aids such as using transitions and summarizing Content/Knowledge Paper says practically nothing original beyond restating the questions. Does not address the questions at hand. Paper presents and discusses relevant material and data Outside sources and examples are
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Unformatted text preview: synthesized to provide an interpretation exhibiting advanced understanding Clarity Readers cannot understand. Numerous structural, spelling, and or grammatical errors hide any message that may be present. Readers are distracted by lack of focus and flow. Paper is clear in its delivery. Minimal issues with grammar and structure. Message is received without having to make an effort, and it is interesting to follow. Visual Aids Graphics don’t relate to problem Graphic relationship to study are vague Graphics relate clearly to the text and message Graphics explain and reinforce the text and presentation...
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