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Select list of Kinesiology Journals (2)

Select list of Kinesiology Journals (2) - (1940-2003...

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Select list of Kinesiology-related journals for GROUP PROJECT * Note: The journals listed below are offered as suggestions. This list may be incomplete and the available publication dates may have changed as the library updates and modifies its serials holdings. As such, you may find additional journal titles suitable for the project. Format: Title (publication years available) Older Journals : Research Quarterly of the American Physical Education Association (1930-1937) Research Quarterly of the American Association for Health and Physical Education (1937-1938) Research Quarterly of the American Association for Health, Physical Education and Dance (1939-1974) The Journal of Physical Education (1927-1981) The Physical Educator
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Unformatted text preview: (1940-2003) Scholastic Coach (first known as Athletic Journal ) (1921-1994) Recreation (1961-1965) Journal of Health, Physical Education and Recreation ( JOPHER ) (1930-1974) International Journal of Physical Education (1973-1975) International Journal of Sport Psychology (1970-present) International Journal of Sports Medicine (1972-1975) Journal of Biomechanics (1968-current) Journal of Motor Behavior (1969-current) Journal of Rehabilitation (1954-1956, 1962-1964, 1967-1974) Journal of Sport Psychology (1979-1987) Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (1980-current) Perceptual and Motor Skills (1949-current) Physical Therapy (1964-2004) Quest (1963-2004)...
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