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CSC4402 Homework #1 Due Wednesday Sept. 7, 2011 1. Describe TWOimportant advantages of using a database system vs. traditional file processing system for managing data. Explain each advantage in a fewwords in addition to stating the advantage. (hint: look at the text book, section 1.2 - there the discussions indicate the main disadvantages of using traditional file processing systems) 2. Drawthe diagram illustrating the ANSI/SPARC three-leve larchitecture for a database system. What is the main purpose to use this architecture? Describe the notions of physical data inde- pendence and logical data independence. Briefly explain the difference between physical data independence and logical data independence. Relate the ANSI/SPARC architecture with phys- ical data independence and logical data independence. 3. Define: (Note that you should write down the full expression for the abbreviations such as DBMS and DBA)
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