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Implementing Distributed Hash Table (CHORD) Implement a small distributed data storage and retrieval mechanism using a well-known DHT technique called “Chord”. You can find many useful tutorials on how Chord works on the net. Wikipedia has a nice introduction with some pseudo-code. For more information, you can also read about CAN and Pastry. The aim of this project is that you understand DHT and how Chord protocol works. You may be asked specific questions on its mechanism later when you submit the project. Here is what you are asked to implement (use any programming language/OS of your choice): Part A 1. Arrange a network of 1000 nodes capable of storing some amount of data. The network need not be a “complete” graph. Have some random connections bet ween nodes. 2. Arrange a huge amount of data (keys), say, 50,000 to be “cleverly” stored in these 1000 nodes. This involves consistent hashing. 3. Randomly choose a key (from those 50,000) and retrieve it “as quickly as possible”. Must implement Finger Table for this. This involves a simple key lookup.
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7103_DHT-project - Implementing Distributed Hash Table...

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