ARTS 1301 (Ch. 5 Quiz)

ARTS 1301 (Ch. 5 Quiz) - 1. Some drawings are mostly linear...

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1. Some drawings are mostly linear while others are constructed completely by tonal contrast. 2. The quality of line or shading in a drawing is affected by the texture of the drawing surface or support. 3. Dry media are abrasive and scratch the surface of the support, leaving particles of the material being used where they come into contact with the support. They include the mediums of silverpoint, pencil, charcoal, chalk, crayon, and pastel. 4. The primary liquid media used in drawing is ink, and the instruments used to carry the medium are pen and brush. 5. Binder is the substance in a medium that causes particles of pigments to adhere to one another and to the support. 6. Pigment is the coloring material of a medium. It is made from various organic or chemical substances. When mixed with a binder such as water, oil, gum arabid, or other substances, it creates a drawing or paining medium. 7. Support is a surface on which a two-dimensional work of art is made, for example paper, wood, or canvas. Head of a Man , by Alphonse Legros 8. This drawing uses the drawing media of silverpoint/metalpoint in which the support is coated with a ground of chalk mixed with gum, water, and pigment. Historically it would have been bone dust instead of chalk. Small flacks of metal adhere to the surface and will oxidize to darken the line with time. Delicate, uniform lines characterize this
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ARTS 1301 (Ch. 5 Quiz) - 1. Some drawings are mostly linear...

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