ARTS 1301 (Ch. 6 Quiz)

ARTS 1301 (Ch. 6 Quiz) - Chapter 6 Quiz 1 The main...

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Chapter 6 Quiz 1. The main criterion for a successful vehicle or binder is to hold the pigments together. Different kinds are employed in different painting media, each have different properties such as how quickly they dry and characteristics like how transparent or opaque they are. So if the same pigment is combined with different kinds, they will have varying degrees of transparency and a different look for each. 2. The task of the solvent or medium is to provide fluency to the paint, so that the color may be readily dispensed over the surface. Water or turpentine are frequently used as thinning agents for this purpose. It is also used to clean the brush. 3. Most supports are to absorbent to allow easy application of paint, the painter must first prime that is apply a preliminary coating of a paint like material called ground to the support. It also gives the painter a smoother surface to work on or it creates a uniform texture across the support. When it is white it increases the brightness of the final work. Lamentation by Giotto 4. In this wall painting technique pigments are suspended in water and then applied to a support (wall or ceiling) covered in lime plaster. The plaster can be either wet or dry. When wet plaster is used, it absorbs the wet pigments with the lime of the plaster wall and acts as a binder. As it dries the paint becomes permanent, literally becoming part of the wall and forming a fine, transparent, vitreous layer on its surface.
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ARTS 1301 (Ch. 6 Quiz) - Chapter 6 Quiz 1 The main...

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