ARTS 1301 (Ch. 9 Quiz)

ARTS 1301 (Ch. 9 Quiz) - Chapter 9 Quiz 1 Sculpture is the...

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Chapter 9 Quiz 1. Sculpture is the art of carving, casting, modeling, or assembling materials into three-dimensional figures or forms. 2. Relief sculpture is similar to two dimensional works in that you view both from a frontal vantage point. In this sculpture figures or other images are attached to a background but project from it to some degree. A coin is an example of it in its simplest form. 3. Even though one is wood and the other is stone, this work is an example of the subtractive process of carving in which the artist starts with a mass of material larger than the planed work of art and then subtracts or takes away material until only the desired image remains. Wood or stone are the materials most often used in this technique. 4. In the additive sculpture process of modeling a pliable material like clay is used to form the finished work. The advantage to this technique is the artist does not have to have a finished idea in mind because the materials can be reworked until they have a finished design. The work pictured above is an example of this technique in clay, but materials like wax can also be used.
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ARTS 1301 (Ch. 9 Quiz) - Chapter 9 Quiz 1 Sculpture is the...

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