ARTS 1301 (Ch. 11 Quiz)

ARTS 1301 (Ch. 11 Quiz) - Chapter 11 Quiz 1 Architecture is...

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Chapter 11 Quiz 1. Architecture is the art and science of designing building, bridges, and other structures to help us meet our personal and communal needs. It is also a vehicle for artistic expression in three-dimensions more than any other art form, it is experienced from within as well as without, and at great length. 2. In architecture, the ability of a material to span horizontal distances with minimum support from underneath is call tensile strength. 3. The Mission St. Francis of Assisi, Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico uses the simplest method of building load-bearing construction or "stacking and piling". That is the walls are constructed by piling layer upon layer starting thick at the bottom and getting thinner at the top. In this case the builders used adobe bricks and topped it off with a wood roof. 4. The Egyptian Temple of Amen-Re at Karnak uses the structural system of post and lintel construction in which two uprights support a horizontal crosspiece. The paintings, relief sculptures, and overall smoothness of the columns belie the columns function as the bearers of stress. 5. The Doric Order in Greek architecture is the only one in which the columns have no base.
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ARTS 1301 (Ch. 11 Quiz) - Chapter 11 Quiz 1 Architecture is...

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