ECON 2301 (Ch.2 Quiz)

ECON 2301 (Ch.2 Quiz) - Quiz-Chapter Two 1. Scarcity...

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Quiz-Chapter Two 1. Scarcity implies that it is impossible to completely fulfill the unlimited human desire for goods and services with the limited resources available. 2. Raylene works at an accounting firm, her effort in working for the firm is considered what type of resource? Labor 3. Land as a factor of production can include all of the following: trees, a flock of sheep, a water body, a limestone deposit. 4. Which of the following would be an example of entrepreneurship? Building up a banking business. 5. An example of physical capital is a chainsaw. 6. Human capital is the expertise of knowledge possessed by workers. 7. The expression, “There is no such thing as a free lunch” implies that costs are incurred when resources are used to produce goods and services. 8. What is the definition of opportunity cost? The value of the best foregone alternative that was not chosen. 9. The opportunity cost of going to college includes both the tuition and the value of the student’s time.
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ECON 2301 (Ch.2 Quiz) - Quiz-Chapter Two 1. Scarcity...

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