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Student Inroduction

Student Inroduction - a problem make one minor mistake and...

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Fidelia Igwe Student Introduction Heather Nunnally Part I: Name: Fidelia Igwe Favorite fun activity: Shop and listen to music Major: English Job of choice: Lawyer College course: Focus Inquiry Part II: Over the past twelve years, math has always been my least favorite course, partly because there are numerous rules, equations, and methods to remember when working on certain problems. I’ve always been one who likes an explicit answer and one way to find that answer, whereas math is the complete opposite. The course is sometimes trial and error for me and that becomes frustration. I can be completing
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Unformatted text preview: a problem make one minor mistake and the whole entire problem is incorrect. Although it is not my favorite course, I have managed to grasp concepts pretty well so long as I practice. I’ve managed to be successful due to my patient instructors and helpful peers. I ask many questions when I do not understand a problem. In this course, I am really nervous about not “catching on” as quickly as other students but I plan to be successful, try my hardest to fully understand methods that might become extremely difficult, and continue to ask questions....
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