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Voting method paper - Igwe 1 There are different voting...

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Igwe, 1 There are different voting methods that can help find a similar choice between multiple voters. In a democratic election voters are able to choice their favorite candidate based on prior knowledge or experience. Although it might seem easiest to take a ballot and allow the candidate with the majority votes win, these method does not always prove to be the most effective. As stated by Kenneth Arrow, a method for determining democratic election results that is democratic and always fair is mathematical impossible (3). This election contained four candidates meaning, in regards to Arrow, there is no consistently fair democratic method for choosing a winner (3). The enclosed experimental data will allow readers to understand how particular voting methods can often times violate fairness criteria. The information collected through ballot includes four genres of music as candidates, (A) being R&B/Hip-hop, (B) Rock (C) Techno (D) other. The voters were asked to rank their favorite genre of music in descending order. The topic and candidates were chosen collectively between the experimenters of the project. Music is a common interest amongst the voters in which we collected ballots from . The method that would be best applicable to our ballots is the Borda Count method because it takes into account all the information given by voters . It also shows the winner based on the best average ranking. PREFRENCE SCHEDULE:
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Voting method paper - Igwe 1 There are different voting...

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