1 Intro - 26/08/2010 1 Welcome to CS2110! 2 Well be...

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26/08/2010 1 1 CS/ENGRD 2110 (FORMERLY CS 211) FALL 2010 Lecture 1: Overview http://courses.cs.cornell.edu/cs2110 Welcome to CS2110! 2 ± We’ll be learning about… ± Abstract data types and generics and reflection and other cool Java features ± Reasoning about complex problems, analysis of the algorithms we create to solve them, and implementing those tricky algorithms with elegant, easy to understand, correct code ± Recursion on graphs and other linked structures ± Algorithmic complexity ± (+ a lecture or two on quantum computing) Is CS2110 right for you? 3 ± CS32110 assumes you know Java ± For example, you took cs111x at Cornell ± Or took a high school course and got a 4 or 5 on the CS AP exam ± Don’t take cs1110 just because you are worried that your high school Java experience won’t do ± We recommend against trying to skip directly into cs3110. Doing so requires permission from both Professor Birman and Professor Joachims! Lectures ± TR 10:10-11am, Olin 155 ± Attendance is mandatory ± ENGRD 2110 or CS 2110? 4 ± Same course! We call it CS 2110 ± Non-engineers sign up for CS 2110 ± Engineers sign up for ENGRD 2110 Sections ± Like lecture, attendance is mandatory ± Usually review, help on homework ± Sometimes new material ± Section numbers are different for CS and ENGRD 5 ± Each section will be led by a member of the teaching staff ± No permission needed to switch sections ± You may attend more than one section if you wish Sections Non-Eng Eng Day Time Room 4943 DIS 201 T 12:20PM - 01:10PM OLH 245 4945 DIS 202 T 01:25PM - 02:15PM OLH 165 6 Sections Start Next Week! 4947
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1 Intro - 26/08/2010 1 Welcome to CS2110! 2 Well be...

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