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ENGRD2700 Basic Engineering Probability and Statistics Fall 2011 Recitation 4: 16-19 September 2011 If not already done, please sign up (after recitation) for an ORIE computer account at intranet.orie.cornell.edu . 1. An estimated 20 million Americans (1 in 15) suffer from asthma. Also, an estimated 50 million Americans (1 in 6) are reported to have allergies. Furthermore, it has been determined that 50% of asthma cases are extrinsic (where a person has allergies, and the allergies cause them to develop asthma). As an (American) freshman at Cornell, you have a 12% chance of getting placed in one of either Court- Kay-Bauer Hall or Mews Hall. If you suffer from extrinsic asthma, you have a 25% chance of getting placed in one of these. Given that you have been placed in either Court-Kay-Bauer Hall or Mews Hall, what is the probability that you suffer from extrinsic asthma? P(extr | hall) = P(hall | extr)P(extr)/P(hall) = 0.25 · (1/30) / 0.12 = 0.069 2. New York City subway trains make around 8000 trips on an average weekday, and there are close to
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ENGRD2700_recitation4_solutions - ENGRD2700 Basic...

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