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Unformatted text preview: ENGRD2700 Basic Engineering Probability and Statistics Fall 2011 Recitation 2: 1-6 September 2011 If not already done, please sign up (after recitation) for an ORIE computer account at intranet.orie.cornell.edu . A geyser is a hot spring that occasionally becomes unstable and erupts hot water and steam into the air at irregular and unpredictable intervals. The “Old Faithful” geyser at Yellowstone National Park is one of the most famous. Visitors to the park arrive at the geyser site to see it erupt without having to wait too long; the name of this geyser comes from the fact that eruptions follow a relatively stable pattern. The National Park Service erects a sign at the geyser site predicting when the next eruption will occur. Thus it is of interest to describe and understand the pattern of eruptions and predict the interval time until the next eruption. The “GEYSER” data set (geyser.data) is available on Blackboard. The data comprise 222 inter-eruption (or “INTERVAL”) times in minutes along with the “DURATION” or length of the preceding eruption (also in minutes). Interval times range from 42 to 95 minutes, duration times from 1.7 to 5.2 minutes. Interval times have mean 71 minutes and median 75 minutes. 1. Open the data file in Excel. It will detect how to arrange the data into a table (just click through the defaults). ( * ) Download the data file from Blackboard and start Excel. From inside Excel use “Open...” to load the file. It will walk through setting up the data in a table; just click through “Next” to the end.the file....
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ENGRD2700_section2 - ENGRD2700 Basic Engineering...

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