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ORIE2700_section1 - • Conditionals IF and COUNTIF •...

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ORIE 2700: Section 1 26–29 August 2011 Flaw of Averages One cannot base decisions solely on average values as these do not take into account the amount of variability that is possible in the system. Excel Skills Generate random values (for demonstration purposes) Navigation: use Ctrl + ↑↓ to navigate, Ctrl + Shift + ↑↓ to select Format data: change number of decimal places Insert formulas applied to subsets of data, fill down rows Use Copy > Paste Special > Values to keep current formula values and prevent recalculation
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Unformatted text preview: • Conditionals IF and COUNTIF • Sorting using Home > Sort & Filter > Sort • Home > Sort & Filter > AutoFilter to sort, show top n values, or other criteria • Statistical functions: AVERAGE, MEDIAN, STDEV, PERCENTILE • Summary stats using Data > Data Analysis > Descriptive Statistics (have to load Analysis Toolpak Add-in) • Histogram: Data Analysis > Histogram • Scatterplot: Insert > Scatter 1...
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