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appendixgfinal - For my choices I picked paragraphs numbers...

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For my choices I picked paragraphs numbers one and four. I feel that number four was more effective than paragraph number one. The paragraph was more thought out I think and didn’t appear to be written by someone who did not have much education whereas paragraph number one did appear that way. Paragraph number four had more research done for it than paragraph number one. That paragraph had personal experience put into it and seemed to be written by someone that was upset that they did not get their way. The author of paragraph number four talked about many things involving how someone’s credit score is calculated. Each sentence tells us the percentage rates of the different levels of credit. They also gave good examples. Though they did give personal examples I think they were very effective and well thought out. I feel that the author of the paragraph did their homework and it seems that they enjoyed their subject as well. The feedback that I got from the Center for Writing Excellence was very helpful.
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