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When looking for a loan, everyone shops around for the best interest rate. When my husband and I were shopping around for a house we had to consider several different banks. The first two that we considered had a higher invariable interest rate and were definitely not our first choice. We were lucky enough to have a good realtor and she helped us to find a bank that had a lower interest rate. Also, we were lucky enough to be first time home buyers loan and able to go through FHA which meant that we were able to get a fixed
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Unformatted text preview: interest rate as well. Had we not been able to get a lower interest rate we would not have been able to get our house. We were on a fixed income at the time so we wouldn’t have been able to swing it if we had to go with the higher interest rate. We had already talked about not being able to afford it had we not been able to find an interest rate for less than 5%. In the long run we ended up getting 5.5% interest and a guarantee that it would never go up no matter what....
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