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Sabrina Harrideo Annotated Bibliography September 17, 2011 Week 3 This article briefly explains how German physicist, W.C. Roentgen discovered the X-Ray and the impact that it has on the world and the impact is still has today. After Roentgen’s discovery, X-rays were being utilized clinically in the United States and all over the world. I chose this article because it highlights the importance of the use of radiology then and now. NDT Education Resource Center; The Discovery of X-Rays Retrieved on September 17, 2011, from
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Unformatted text preview: Radiography/discoveryxrays.htm This article explains the history of x-rays and its contributions to other countries. We learn what other scientists/physicists have contributed to the evolution of the x-ray machine including the invention of the safety equipment to be used. Well also find how the uses of the x-ray machine changed the world and the important uses throughout the world, including cancer. Assmus, Alexi (1995). Early History of X-Rays. Retrieved on September 17, 2011 from
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