Communication Quadrant Essay

Communication Quadrant Essay - them to believe something...

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Sabrina Harrideo Motivation and Leadership-Professor Allie Jones Communication Quadrant Assessment Essay Based upon the quadrant assessment I would say it was pretty accurate. My communication style with employees as a manager would be that of a extrovert leader. I must admit, my leadership styles aren’t a true reflection on my personality, but I know how to differentiate between business and personal life. In my experience as a manager I believe I have proven to be a good leader. I have always taken it upon myself to do what is best for the employees and the company. Whenever an employee had an issue I would always make sure that I let them know that I understand and show empathy if necessary, yet I was assertive. We discussed options based on their situation to make sure they can still deal with their issue, but get the work they need done as well or make sure they had coverage. I am always very honest with my employees. I never sugar coated anything because I didn’t want
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Unformatted text preview: them to believe something was going to happen when it wasn’t. In some cases I was able to relate to their situation, but couldn’t take it on personally, still had to be professional and not show favorititism.Whenever a new change was going to take place I was very proactive in submitting a proposal to upper management because I wanted to make sure the change was going to be in the best interest for the employees in my department. I believe the traits I possess will definitely make me a great leader someday. Improving my communication style is possible, maybe I could show a little more care as I do in my personal life, but I think in the work environment that could be misread. I used to wear my heart on my sleeve, but quickly learned that in those situations I could be taken advantage of and the company and my job would suffer. So I think I have improved on that from the experiences I have had....
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Communication Quadrant Essay - them to believe something...

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