Dating Violence Among Teenagers

Dating Violence Among Teenagers - Dating Violence Among...

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Dating Violence Among Teenagers In today’s society, many teenagers find themselves in unthinkable situations. Some of these situations are harmless and then there are others that can be deadly. One of these situations is being in a violent relationship. There are two outcomes and hopefully it would not be the second. Teen dating violence should not come as a surprise to anyone. “It is a reflection of the violence within relationships which is accepted by the society, and reflected in virtually all aspects of our mass culture from video games to advertisements to MTV and everyday television shows” (Borden 1). Many of these teens have seen the abuse come from his or her homes and have carried it outside and affected someone else. In other words, this should not in be a shock or surprise to anyone. Although relationships may initially be pleasant, it may lead to violence. Some people would often ask what is dating abuse? Some people might answer that question by simply saying hitting or beating someone. But, there is more to it and it is deeper that just hitting someone. Well, dating abuse is the “sexual, emotional and /or verbal abuse between persons who are now or have been in the past, in a casual or serious relationship” (New Beginning 1). According to “Violence in Relationships”, this constitutes kicking, slapping, hitting or using any type of dangerous force to hurt someone. According to New beginnings, the abuse is a cycle of violence. It goes from stress; this is where he feels angry, jealous, and is just moody. The next thing is the abuse and the violence, where he starts to get physical and starts to beat on the victim. Last but not least, is the romance; this is where he apologizes and cries and
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Dating Violence Among Teenagers - Dating Violence Among...

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