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1 Understanding Job Analysis DeVry University, Human Resource Management Professor Jill Iskiyan November 14, 2010
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2 1. My main area of focus was office manager and human resource manager. I thought the site was very easy to use in order to find the occupation I was looking for. When searching both occupations it populated numerous amounts of options pertaining to those two positions. As far as the office manager search it pulled up first line supervisors and managers of office, but I think the one I was looking for administrative service manager, because as I looked at the descriptions that one closely matched to the position I have held and wish to have again. I enjoy running reports and overseeing all of the company’s functions, especially being the main point of contact for a specific branch of the organization. Not to mention how good I am at doing that job. I also searched the occupation of human resource manager, because I like the whole understanding of benefits, payroll, staffing and employee rights and the laws that have to be followed that govern the company. The site offered a lot of valuable information pertaining the jobs such as what the job duties are and tasks that will be performed while on the job. It offered information on tools and software that could be used and information that the human resource manager should know, like personnel and management principles to name a few. Skills and abilities that need to be utilized were also listed. The best thing about this search on the site was the education and the
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HRMWeek3_Harrideo - 1 Understanding Job Analysis DeVry...

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