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HRM410 Course Project Draft and Final Version REQUIRED Template Student Name: Sabrina Harrideo Instructions : Use this required template for the Week 4 Draft (your Handbook below must be 25% completed for full-points consideration) and for the Week 7 final version. Remember that no more than 10% of the Handbook can be from borrowed material . The majority of the Handbook must be original—meaning written by the student. ALL sources used (textbook, Internet, etc.) must be cited via proper APA citations ( both in- text with quotation marks and a References section). This includes any forms or samples in the Handbook. See the Course Project tab for lengthier descriptions of each section. The specifics of the requirements of each section are NOT included here. Text font can be no larger than 12. You may add page numbers to your handbook beginning after the cover sheet. You do not need to include a table of contents. Be sure to insert your fictitious company name, where needed, in the Handbook below. Your Handbook must be 10-12 pages (not including this page, the cover page, or any reference page), double-spaced. You may single-space any forms or samples you create. Note that the spacing placed between sections is for illustration purposes only. Some sections you write may be longer than others. However, remember the final page count of
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S.Harrideo_HRM410_Course_Project_Draft - HRM410 Course...

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