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S.HarrideoHRM410__Outline - HRM410 Course Project Outline...

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HRM410 Course Project Outline Required Template Student Name: Sabrina Harrideo Instructions: Required Element of Staffing Handbook: Instructions for this outline assignment: A. Definition of strategic staffing Indicate how you will devise this section. What sources * might you use, if applicable? Any other pertinent information you may be considering for this section of the Handbook? B. Description of the job analysis process and an example job analysis format C. Approach to posting a position and the related rationale for taking that approach. Plus, a short example of an internal job posting D. Example application form, an explanation of how it should be implemented, and related reasoning E. Interview process, including philosophy and sample questions. F. Organization’s philosophy and approach to pre- employment testing and assessment G. Three (3) other elements that you feel are important to the staffing process What three other staffing elements are you considering?
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