ARTS 1303 - Discussion 2

ARTS 1303 - Discussion 2 - If Christian meditation is...

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If Christian meditation is thought, emotion, and imagination that leads to prayer, to conversation with God, then one way to approach it is not a book, but a work of art. Fine art will engage different senses, and it will communicate. It was used for centuries as a teaching tool, even a catechism. The artist can help us to see something in a new way, or to feel the emotion of an event centuries before. The images can be used as a visual template to enter a scene in our imagination and thus experience the great events of our salvation. All art could be useful if it is a method used to talk to God. In Christianity, God is the original source and author of all beauty. Catholics do not worship paintings, or statues. They are just a way of conveying something about God, and are not God themselves. Therefore, to Christian person, the stone or paint cannot be God, but can only represent, or tell something about, some small aspect of God. A special characteristic of Christian art is there is only one such image or statue per saint inside the worship space of a church. These statues and images are not to be positioned in the worship space so as to distract from the worship service. The term liturgy refers to the rites and ceremonies prescribed by the Eastern and Western Church for communal worship. The liturgy in both the Eastern and Western Church necessitated a variety of additional objects such as books, often richly decorated, for prayers, music, and Old and New Testament readings (Leaf from a Missal); crosses for the altar and to be carried in procession (The Cloisters Cross, Processional Cross); censers for the burning of incense; and
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ARTS 1303 - Discussion 2 - If Christian meditation is...

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